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But if even Humboldt had Tbeen too suspicious
against the modern school of speculation, it cannot
be denied that his rule was, on the other hand, free
from a fault to "which the best directors of public in-
struction have always been, addicted—namely, in un-
duly or exclusively favouring one philosophic system..
The endowment of the university was complete, not
only with regard to its teachers : extensive collections
had existed for some time in the capital, which were
now given to the high school, or at least united with
it. There was a considerable library, a botanic gar-
den, a collection of anatomical preparations, and a
quantity of other scientific collections, which were
now increased and completed, and formed into a
magnificent museum for natural history.
Thus everything necessary was arranged punctually
to obey the royal mandate^ "but Humboldt resigned
his office before the university was opened. The prin-
cipal part of the work was, however, done, so that the
rest might be completed by inferior hands. It is a
characteristic feature in Humboldt's life, that he was
not even present at the opening of this his creation,.
On the 29th of April, 1810, he expressed a wish to
return to his diplomatic career7 and in the middle of
June his wish was fulfilled by his appointment to a
post, in which such a man was urgently needed.
The reasons which induced Humboldt to resign
smah a congenial sphere of action are involved in
mystery*. It is certain that the ministry was in a very
feeble position, said anticipated its dissolution daily.
A certain vacillation pervaded all its measures, be-
cause the financial department was not based oia a
jBxm foundation. ASL arm to direct the whole firmly was
much missed, wet reports were repeatedly circulated
that Dohna and tihe whole ministry had laeei^jgiaad. At
last the kin^ .dc^teo^agoked to summon HL®rdenfeer^,,tt0
the bead of affairs; Napoleon, permitted it, aad <»
the Sih of June, 1810, he entered upon his port. The
l<isrd chancellor IBegpa&e* the minister of finance Alten-
stein?and Sharnhorst^ immediately resigned, the latter